Zytech se convierte en distribuidor de inversores adquiriendo grandes cantidades de inversores solares (principalmente Huawei).

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Zytech se convierte en distribuidor de inversores adquiriendo grandes cantidades de inversores solares (principalmente Huawei).

El fabricante español de paneles solares Zytech Solar ha anunciado el 23 de febrero su entrada en el mercado de distribución de inversores solares. La empresa ha adquirido una cantidad significativa de inversores solares, en su mayoría de Huawei y otras marcas líderes, junto con su socio en Alemania. Los inversores estarán físicamente en la Filial Alemana de Zytech. Con ello Zytech aborda el problema de los largos plazos de entrega de los inversores .

Farolas Solares en Las Rozas con módulos y luminarias LED de Zytech.

Farolas Solares en Las Rozas con paneles y luminarias LED de Zytech. El Ayuntamiento de Las Rozas ha instalado Farolas Solares con iluminación LED y alimentadas a través de paneles solares en parques y zonas naturales. De esta manera se integran las primeras luminarias de este tipo en la red pública del municipio, apostando por la eficiencia energética. Las baterías recargables se alimentan de energía solar a través de los paneles solares Zytech modelo .

Zytech Aerodyne Lifts Off with US Wind Turbines

Wind turbines manufactured by Spain-based Zytech Aerodyne are ideal for off-grid applications as they have the same high quality, work efficiency and reliability as other Zytech Group’s reputed products. The technology was bought in from a US company and now Zytech Aerodyne is one of the world’s leading manufacturers providing affordable state-of-the-art small-in-size wind power systems with advanced aerospace-grade materials and technologies tried and tested since 1992. Ongoing developments have resulted in a wind .

Zytech Solar participates in project to implement telephone and Internet in Peru.

110 installations were carried out to bring wide band Internet and telephone into rural isolated areas. A new project of great social value is going to be carried out in Peru using photovoltaic modules made by Zytech Solar, a Spanish company that continues consolidating their commercial presence in all of Latin America. On this occasion, it involves a project of more than 100 isolated photovoltaic installations for communication stations in Peru, awarded to Telefónica .

Zytech Solar modules to energise Australia & New Zealand

Zytech Solar Australia is part of a Spain-based manufacturing organisation offering photovoltaic modules and related systems and appliances, and functioning as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zytech Solar. Currently the Zytech Group is placing a lot of attention on Australia and New Zealand and the marketing arm is actively seeking local distributors in both these countries, looking to establish partnerships with Zytech Group. Previous research and surveys made this entry into the antipodal markets assume .