Concentrated Photovoltaics

Concentrated Photovoltaics (Low y Medium)

Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) is increasingly been recognized as the technology which holds the greatest promise in meeting the energy challenges facing the world.
A concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system converts light energy into electrical energy in the same way that conventional photovoltaic technology does. The difference in the technologies lies in the addition of an optical system that focuses a large area of sunlight onto each cell. Concentrating photovoltaics has been an established science since the 1970s, but is only now reaching commercial viability. It is the newest technology to enter the solar Sector.

CPV systems can be thought of as telescopes, trained on the suns position and feeding the concentrated light to the cell. The magnification ratio used in different CPV system designs varies so widely that three classes of systems have developed:

  • Low concentration (LCPV), where the magnification ratio is less than 10X
  • Medium concentration (MCPV), between 10X and 150X;
  • High concentration, where the ratio lies above 150X, but is usually less than 1000X.

Concentrating photovoltaic technology offers the following advantages:

  • Potential for solar cell efficiencies greater than 40%
  • No moving parts
  • No intervening heat transfer surface
  • Near-ambient temperature operation
  • No thermal mass; fast response
  • Reduction in costs of cells relative to optics
  • Scalable to a range of sizes.Zytech Solar has focused its own technology on the development of low concentration technology. With an approximate concentration of 2.25X, it produces 1.8 to 2 times more power than a regular PV installation.


  • Low concentration technology takes into consideration new legal requirements.
  • With an approximate concentration of 2.25X, it produces 1.8 to 2 times more power than a regular PV installation, just by adding low cost side mirrors.
  • The PV module adapts to higher temperature work with few changes. Cells have a specific design for work in 5X conditions.
  • Accords to IEC 62108 requirements.
  • Control modules temperature with PT100 resistance.


Medium Concentration Photovoltaic (MCPV)

Zytech CPV advantages…
  • We have a manufacturability advantage over our competitors
  • We have a major cost advantage over our competitors
  • No one has the simplicity of our technology
  • Our product reliability is outstanding
Zytech 120X MCPV is a medium concentration ratio module with the following features:
  • Patented 120X concentrator system
  • Extremely cost effective for rapid ROI
  • Designed for long term durability and reliability
  • Suitable for large grid connected applications and solar farms
Potencia máxima1815 WVoltaje c. abierto200 V
Intensidad máxima10.8 A Sistema seguimientoDoble eje
Voltaje máximo168.5 VError en seguimiento< 0.25 º
Corriente cortocircuito12 APotencia operación< 15 W
Autoconsumo< 0.03 kWh Garantía10 años

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