In addition to solar modules, Spanish Company, Zytech Solar is now offering two new solar concentrator systems from its own production facilities, CPV Zytech10 which is starting this year in Toledo Facility (Spain).
First is Zytech Solar low concentration photovoltaic (LCPV) system based on series of solar cells and V trough mirrors (see photo). This is a product designed for applications with medium to low solar irradiance. It is designed specifically for industrial or commercial grid connected solar systems providing 1.8 or 2 times more power and lower system cost than conventional flat plate silicon panels.
Zytech LCPV uses proven silicon solar cell technology combined with advanced reflectivity materials that enhance the photovoltaic conversion performance while reducing system costs. Dimensions of Zytech LCPV are similar to normal 80W monocrystaline, but the Zytech LCPV can produce nearly 300W per hour during sunny days. Zytech LCPV uses a high reflective mirror and advanced weather resistant elements that ensure reliable performance in outdoor environments even after many years.
The LCPV module is designed to be used in conjunction with single or dual axis trackers in order to optimize system performance. Zytech also supplies high precision single or dual axis trackers that can be used in conjunction with Zytech
Second is a high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) using high efficiency cells III-V,  allowing concentrate sun up to 1000 times. This system is using parabolic mirrors.
According to current plans, production of the new product should begin at the end of this year at Toledo factory in Spain. Production capacity, which in the beginning will be 10 MW per year is all booked up “until middle of 2009,” says managing director Enrique Zueco. “Deliveries of the new product to other customers can only be made after that date.”

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