Zytech Solar

CSTB awards Zytech in-roof solution with the highest possible label, “Green Light”

Zytech Solar, the Spanish manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, has been awarded with the official PASS’INNOVATION certification for the Solarsit Solarbac Integration system, by the French certification body CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).

This certification is key to operating in the French market, as far as building integration is concerned, as it recognizes that Zytech modules with this integration system comply with French building regulations. In the French solar market, integrated PV systems obtain the highest feed-in tariff for industrial buildings from 9kW to 100kW, and for the installers it is key in order to get their decennial insurance. This certificate is accepted by the insurance company as proof that the material is suitable for building.

The Zytech PASS’INNOVATION is GREEN Light, the best grade of this certification, this means that no restriction or observation was made. This shows the quality of Zytech modules and of the SOLARSIT integration system. David Moneo, Vice President of Sales for Europe at Zytech Solar, says regarding this new certification: “We are very satisfied that the tests were completed succesfully after great work by our team, and furthermore this certificate demonstrates again that we manufacture good products and we have made a good choice for our partnership”.

The Solarsit range of products represents the latest generation of Zytech Solar (in-roof) solutions, suitable for almost every sloped roof. The Solarsit Integration PV system replaces a part of the existing roof. This meant that the entire system from solar panels up to and including the substructure had to be tested for watertightness and resistance to mechanical stress.